Rose Windows

Jean Sirius

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Photographs of people by Tee A. Corinne
Photographs of artwork by Jean Sirius

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For my Mother, who gave me a choice
one glorious Easter morning when i was five,
with love.


I am grateful for the women's circles. I am grateful for the pagans, the yogis, the lesbians, the heathens, the meditators, the witches, the healers, the bisexuals, the activists, the pacifists, the environmentalists, the feminists, the civil libertarians, the queers, the organic gardeners, the resisters, the mediators, the recyclers, the peacemakers. I salute my congressional representative, Barbara Lee, for voting her conscience.

I also thank Carol Joy, who taught me how to do collage at Laney College, and Laura Miller, who taught me how to photograph my collages.

Table of Contents
Rose Windows
Ostara, Beltaine
Midsummer, Lughnasadh
Mabon, Samhain
Yule, Imbolc

image: Jean

Rose Windows

When I was a wee pagan child, the thing that really attracted me to the Christian churches was the stained glass. The interior of a cathedral on a hot summer day was splendid, but the windows at night, lit from within, were thrilling.

Round rose windows originated in Gothic architecture, and were dedicated to Mary, Mother of God. Researchers suggest that during the great age of cathedral building, Mary was worshipped as a Goddess. Rose windows always faced west, toward the matriarchal paradise.

This series follows the wheel of the year, each of the eight pieces representing one of the quarter or cross-quarter days that are still celebrated by contemporary followers of the old ways. In order, they are Ostara (spring equinox), Beltaine (May 1), Midsummer (summer solstice), Lughnasadh (August 2), Mabon (autumn equinox), Samhain (October 31), Yule (winter solstice) and Imbolc (February 2).

image: Ostara; Beltaine
image: Midsummer; Lughasadh
image: Mabon; Samhain
image: Yule; Imbolc


I believe that love is the only thing that can cure what troubles the world.
I believe that we are all part of the same thing, and that when one of us is hurt, all of us suffer.
I believe that the worst thing that can possibly happen has already happened, and so there is nothing to fear.
I believe that everything, eventually, dies.
I believe that the only things worthy of our limited time are kindness, friendship, beauty, love. Especially kindness, and especially kindness directed toward children.

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