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Signs of Peace in Europe

image: pace/bicycles

Photographs by Jean Sirius

© Copyright 2003 by Jean Sirius
Published by Sirius Books
PO Box 9665, Oakland CA 94613 USA
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Signs of Peace in Europe, an adventure

While I planned my trip to Europe in early 2003, my government plotted war on Iraq. Like millions of others worldwide, I marched for peace.

I made postcards to explain my position. On one side they said "Je suis americaine. Je suis desolée." On the other, in six languages, "I didn't vote for him. I don't agree with him. His actions shame me."

In my travels I photographed anti-war expressions wherever I found them. There were many more than could fit in this book.

image: Not in my name
Not in my name (Amsterdam)

Fuck war
No war
Fuck war (Amsterdam)
No war (Amsterdam)
No war for oil
Stop the war against Iraq
No war for oil (Leuven)
Stop the war against Iraq (Leuven)
we don't want war, but peace
we don't want war, no way
We don't want war, but peace all over the world (Leuven)
We don't want war! Under no circumstances (Leuven)
Fuck BuShit
Choke yourself
Fuck War. Fuck BuShit... (Paris)
Choke yourself, Bush (Paris)
no to war
war is terrorism
No to war (Paris)
War is terrorism (London)
No war for oil

The banner on the back cover reads, in Flemish,
        Women in black
        in rage and grief
        against war and violence
The photograph was taken in Leuven, Belgium

This book is dedicated to the Women in Black, who champion justice and peace all over the world, regardless of personal risk. They are my heroes.

When the peace marches began in January 2003, it made me proud that so many people my age were out there marching, even though we're no longer at risk of being drafted; it made me happy to see so many people the age we were thirty years ago taking the baton without missing a step.

No war for oil (London)

This book was made possible by generous grants from

The Darling Daughter Charitable Trust
The Pirate Queen Fund for Wayward Girls

The travel on which the book is based was funded by the late Dotcom Bubble.
Sic transit gloria mundi.

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