"jean avec la gloire" Shocking and Awesome. Friends and fans, I'm talking about you. You're sending me to Paris (and some of you are doing your holiday shopping early), you're healing my heart, and you're making the next mini photo book a certainty.

What will it be? Angels and Their Ilk? Doorknobs of Paris? Grafitti and Other Unauthorized Art? Dunno. Won't know until I get back and see what I've got.

Depending on the state of the Eiffelometer, it could even be more than one. Like last time.

I will send a copy to anybody who's donated more than, say, $20 to the fund. Signed, of course.

eiffel thermometer
Many ways to encourage me in my folly:
Buy books. They make wonderful presents, and I will totally sign them for you.
My Feet Go to Europe $5

Or, look, a special half-price sale, expires September 8, 2009, on my expensive (but totally worth it) collage book:
Seeing Double/Rose Windows now only $42.50

This Is Me in Europe $5
Signs of Peace in Europe $5
PayPal averse? I'm happy to accept checks:
Jean Sirius, PO Box 9665, Oakland CA 94613.
Celeste West's Lesbian Polyfidelity $25
Out of print, collector's item. Donated by her widow. Limited supplies, limited time offer.
Or, if you've got all the books of mine you want (is that even possible?) and out of the goodness of your heart you just want to give me some money, I can guarantee an improvement in your karmic balance, and a postcard from Paris if I have your address. My nom-de-paypal is "paypal[at]'thisdomain'[period]com." (You can work it out. Robots, mercifully, not so much.)

Thanks, dear ones.